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Jason Yang's One Month English-Chinese Interpretation in Shenzhen, China With Pakistan Rice Dealer

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1 Month English-Chinese Interpretation With Pakistan Rice Dealer in Shenzhen, China

I got to know my pakistan customer through a HK Friend(Later on we call it Mr. R), who was pakistan original, but get master degree in Manila, Philippines and worked in Hk for more than 35 yeras.

On June 4th, 2012, A call from HK Mr. R came into my mobile and said he found me through Google by "interpreters shenzhen-Jason Yang", and one of his good friend from Karachi, Pakistan, pakistan white rice exporter(hereafter we call it Mr. M) needs my freelance interpretation service in Shenzhen soon. We introduced each other briefly and reached an agreement on service charge.

On June 5th, Mr. R came to Luohu Check point from HK by Railway and we met there and took a taxi to the hotel where the customer Mr.M lived in.

Mr M is above 60 years old, very sincere,gentle and easy going man with rich experience in import and expot. After greetings to each other, he said he began the exportation of rice to China in this year after China open the door to pakistan. He has made shipment of 80 containers of white rice to Shekou Port, China after received L/C from a Thai Company(Middle Agent) ,but after the rice arrived in Shekou, the consignner refused to claim the goods, and the Thai Company didn't extend the L/C. Now we have to find other buyer who want the goods and could afford to pay.

So, the first day, We contacted the biggest rice importer in Shenzhen, D Company, the boss said he has interest to buy these 80 containers rice, yet the matter is the price, THC and port demarage and detention.

We negotiated with the boss several rounds, by offering a very atttractive price, allowing payment after inspection and promising to be responsible for all the detention, demarrage and THC. We signed an agreement and handover all the B/L, Certificates and other necessary documents for these 80 containers.

As the goods is shipped by 3 shipping lines,under 6 B/L and some of the containers have arrived in Shekou more than 2 months, so during the Importers is Claiming the goods, we went to the 3 Shipping Lines: OOCL, TS Lines, and Hanjin Shenzhen Office for more free days of detention and demarage, after we report our situation, they showed sympathy for us and applied more days free detention and offer discount for the demarage. Here I would like to express our sincere gratitude to Ms. Julie Zhu, from OOCL, Ms Vida Cai, Mr. Kinson, Zhang from Hanjin, and Mr. Steven Huang from TS Lines.

A few days later, the first lot 24 containers were feedback all ok, after that, 20 container OK again, while another 18 containers found some insects needs refumigation and 6 containers among these 18 containers has light bad smell and rice turn a little yellowish due to long time and high temprature in Containers. We checked the sample from the containers and admited the problme and promissed to compensate all the loss due to these problems. The importer was happy with our solution. Finally came out the last 18 containers, 4 containers all right, while the rest 14 containers also has light bad smell and rice turned little yelowish. We agreed to compensate again.

So After these solutions, the rice problem was sloved and finaly got the payment through T/T from Agricultural Bank of China, Shenzhen Branch, to National Bank of Pakistan, Karachi Head Office, deducting the cost, compensation, detention and demarrage on July 3rd. And from this experience, I realised once again the importance of payment terms and business credibility. Hope in his future business the payment by Irrevocabl L/C at sight would keep him away from trouble. We said goodbye to each other, he jumped into the car from the hotel to Hk Airport and Taken the Fligh from HK to Bangkok and Then Karachi on July 4th.

During the past one month, We also visited many other importers and signed big contracts of rice. Besides, I also led MR. M to some of the Chinese Resturant, Bar and Local attraction, we had an unforgetable period in Shenzhen together and we become good friends, and I was appointed as his China Representative in Shenzhen China for his rice business.

We keep in touch with each other by mail, text message and call. He invites me to go to Karachi for a short training course of rice Knowledge and said would come back again in August 2012. We really enjoyed the time we spent together.

To Conclude:I really love this kind of job, It not only provides me basic income, solves the trouble of our customers, but also expands my business scope, increases my language level and communication skill, developes multination friendship, and improves my knowlege about different industries, products,, service, nation and people.

Hope to meet with more and more customers in the near future and help them doing business in China more easy, effective, joyful and productive.

Yours Truly, Jason
Shenzhen, China

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