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What favors we could do for your business/tour in China ?

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This is Jason Yang, your customized freelance English to Chinese interpreter/Translator, Sourcing and Shipping Agent, Quality Inspector/Coordinate, Order Merchandiser, Supplier Auditor based in Shenzhen, Guangdong,providing service in Dongguan, Guangzhou,Huizhou, Zhongshan, Zhuihai, Foshan, Shude, Zhanjiangand other cities in China.

We could provide the following services for your options besides translation/interpretation
1) Airport, Railway/Bus/Metro Station, Ferry Port Pick-Up and Drop Off;
2) Hotel/Flight/Bus/Train Ticket Booking (Good Price and Proper Time);

3) Supplier/Customer Visiting Schedule Arrangement, Car Renting withDrivers;
4) Local Wholesale Markets Guide in Shenzhen, Guangzhou or Dongguan;
5) Local Attraction/Tourism to other cities Guide, Shopping/Dinning/Nightlife Bar Guide;
6) Trade Terms Like Sample, MOQ, Price, Delivery Time, Quality, Paymentnegotiator;
7)Sourcing agent/Purchasing/Quality Controlling/Shipping/ Agent;
8) Your China Main Contact Person, Represent your Company Shenzhen Branch/Office;

9) Trade Show, Fair. Expo, Exhibition, Conventions Guide;

10) Anything that is not included in the above 9 terms but withinour capacity range.

For your better understanding, our sourcing agent/purchasing agent/shipping agent/ quality controlling service owns the below advantages:

1. We could collect your samples from different suppliers in any cities of China and sentit by FedEx/UPS/DHL/TNT/EMS/China Post/HK Post to any city of any country.

2. We can collect your goods from different suppliers into one shipment, eitherFCL load or LCL load from china in our warehouse and ship either by sea or byair to your nominated consignees, which save both your time and shipping cost.

3. We have stable and long term cooperation with many reliable capable andresponsible shipping companies which have a lot of connections and branches inmost of the countries of the world, from your supplier to your warehouse, savethe freight

4. Your Payment Agent in China,We could receive large amount of USD Currency with our account and we makepayment for you to different suppliers saving your precious time and bankingcharge and also exchange loss.

5. Drop Shipment: deliver the goods to your pointed clients and keep yoursuppliers and clients unknown each other and saving your transshipment cost andshorten delivery time.

We have rich experience in the field of import and export trade business, andwe have wide connection with various factories and manufacturer in differentindustry and wide range of products. If you have any needs or doubt, please befeel free to contact with us with mail or call, we would reply any of yourinquiry within 24 hours normally.


Contact Person: Jason Yang(Mr.)

Mail: jason050585(@)

Tel: 86-75533130339

Mob: 86-15014409721

Skype: jason050585

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