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Congrats, Independent Visitors to  Our Web Exceeds 1000 in the past 25 days !

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   Independent Visitors to our Web "" Exceeds 1000 in the past 25 days !

  Since July, 16th, 2012, the opening of the professional shenzhen interpreter website to today, August 10 th, 2012,  in the past 25 days, more than 1,000 independent visitors viewed our website and some of them also send inquiry about our interpretation service by email and call.

It is a good start and also gives us a positive signal that the market for business interpreter in shenzhen is big and with huge potential. We should try our best to provide more and more interpreters with excellent languages skills, good service attitude and also business sense, knowledge and experience.

Yet still more SEO work should be done to improve the ranking on the major searching engine like Google, Yahoo, Being, Baidu etc. Acoording to current statics: our website is ranking at page 10 at google when you type in key word "shenzhen interpreter ", and ranking at page 1 when you type in key word "Shenzhen Interpreter" and when you type in "Shenzhen freelance interpreter"it is around page 11, yet if you type in "freelance shenzhen interpreter", you could find our site around page 6. While, when you type in "Shenzhen translator", our sites is after page 20 or so. Anyway, success comes from diligence and persistance, we would keep working hard at SEO our Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, China Interpreter,   interpretation service website, and make customers more easy locate us.

Come on, Here4interpreters, do our best to meet customer's demands and fulfill clients' visit targets.We would focus on our service and also if any visitors that have a question or doubt about any topic of China business or tourism travle, please leave us a message on "guestbook" or mail or call us at "contact us", we would definitely revert back to you within 24 hours.

Expecting hearing your opinions and suggestions

August. 10th 2012.

Jason Yang (Shenzhen Interpreter)



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