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How long does it take from Shenzhen Airport to downtown Shenzhen like Huaqiangbei Electronic Market?

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How long does it take from Shenzhen Airport to downtown Shenzhen likeHuaqiangbei Electronic Market?

  Some customers, especially from South East Asia countries Like Thailand, Singapore, or Malaysia or thoes who firstly arrive at Beijing, Shanghai or Other Cities and come to China Landed at Shenzhen airport and booked hotel around Huaqiangbei Electronics Market in futiandistrict, downtown of Shenzhen. I was asked by most of them the question: howlong does it take from Shenzhen Airport to downtown Shenzhenlike Huaqiangbei Electronic Market? 

For reference of the later comer, according to my experience and stuty, the answer is as follows: it takes aapproximate 50 minutes from Airport to Huangqiangbei Electronics Market

 After you exit the gate of airport terminal you could pass the overhead path to the Airport east metro station and take the line 1 called LUOBAO Line (罗宝线).There are 25 stops in total: 1.Airport East(机场东)——-2.Hourui(后瑞)----3.Gushu(固戍)---4.Xixiang(西乡)---5.Pingzhou(平洲)---6.Bao’an Stadium(宝体)---7.Bao’an Center(宝安中心)---8.Xin’an(新安)--- 9.Qianhaiwan(前海湾)---10.Liyumen(鲤鱼门)--- 11.Daxin(大新)--- 12.Taoyuan(大新)---13.Shenzhen University(深大)---14.Hi-Tech Park(高新园)---15.Baishizhou(白石洲)----16.Window of the World(世界之窗)---17.OCT(华侨城)---18.Qiaocheng East(侨城东) ---19.Zhuzilin(竹子林) ---20.Chegongmiao(车公庙)---21.Xiangmihu(香蜜湖) ---22.Shopping Park(购物公园)---23.Convention &Exhibition Center(会展中心)---24.Gangxia(岗厦)---25.Huaqiang Rd(华强路)

How to make payment for  Shenzhen Metro Service?

There are 3 ways you could make payment for the Metro Transportation Service in Shenzhen:

1.  If you stay long time in Shenzhen and take bus andmetro frequently the best way is that you could go to the service center and buya Shenzhen Communication Card, usually the minimum order amount is 100,including 20 RMB for Card deposit and 80 RMB Balance in the card, which youcould use in all the bus and metro of Shenzhen.

2.  If you have 10 RMB, 5 RMB Notes or 1 RMB Coins athand, you could buy single trip ticket from the Automatic Ticket Selling Machine,you click your destination stop and insert the notes or Coins, you would getthe single trip ticket (A round green plastic Card) and get the changesButKindly Note that: most of the metro station only support the 5 RMB Note and 1RMB Coin, if you dont have, youcould go to the service center, the stuff would make change for you.)

3.  If you donthave 10 RMB, 5 RMB Notes or 1 RMB Coins, you have to go to the service centerto buy the ticket or make changes and then buy ticket from the Automatic ticketselling machine. (Note: Normally the One trip the whole distance is within 10RMB Charge)

Hope the above explanation give you a clear idea of how to take the metro from Shenzhen Airport to down town area of Shenzhen like Huaqiangbei Electronics Market, if you still have any question or need a Chinese Mandarin English interpreter or Business Tour Guide in Shenzhen or other cities of China, please dont be hesitated to send your inquiry to our email address: or callus at +86-150-14409721 contact Jason Yang, We would revert to you within 24hours.

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