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Jason Yang Shenzhen Interpreter Provided One Day Interpretation Service for Russian Jewelry Team

  Jason Yang Shenzhen Interpreter acted as the english and Chinese interpreter/tour guide for an russian jewellry team on 2011-Nov-17th(Saturday), in Shenzhen, China. They want to see the jewellry shops design so as to have some inspiration for the design of their own shops.

  We meet at Luohu Checkpoint(Board with Hong Kong ) and rented a HONDA Business car, I told the driver to send us to the downtown shopping center of Luohu District. We visited some jewellry retailing stores in Luohu Shopping center areas and went to the wholesale market of all kinds of jewellry.In the evening, we back to Luohu Checkpoint, and hey back to Hongkong.

It's a very tight shcheduled day, not easy going customer, it is not a good experience, hope next customer would be better luck.

Jason Yang (Shenzhen Freelance Interpreter Business Guide)