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What do you need to take China Bullet Train ?

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                               What do you need to take China Bullet Train ?

Nowadays as the bullet train develops very fast in China,so far,almost all the major cities of China have been covered by the bullet train railway, which makes tourists and businessmen travelling in china more efficient, fast and convenient. However, new foreigners who come to china sometime are not quite aware of how to take the bullet train.Hereby Shenzhen Freelance interprter Jason Yang advise all foreigners to carry your passport, which is a compulsory identification requirements for everyone, and also take Chinese Currency RMB,as they do not accept foreign currencies. What's more,figure out the Train staion locations of departure&Arrival and the transportation means and time cost to get there.

The above is the information you need to bear in mind when taking bullet train or normal speed train, otherwise might make you trouble of travelling.  

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