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Jason Yang Shenzhen Interpreter Provided 15 days Interpretaion Service for Australian Client "Adw"

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It is has been the 4th time for Jason Yang, a freelance interpreter located in shenzhen, to work together with the austrilian client Adw. From April-20-2013 to May-6th-2013, during this period, we stayed together in his OEM factory in Dongguan, China for half month, supervise the whole manufacturing proces of his products.

As this factory, nobody could communicate with him in english fluently, my responsibility is to work as English mandarin interpreter between him and the manager of different departments of this factory to stop the workers immediately when there is any mistake or change of the production. What's more, I also help him to source some accessories or tools that he needs and keep in touch with his China Suppliers when there is a need and booking hotels or business cars for him to shuttle between Dongguan, Shenzhen and Hongkong. Which makes his work and travel very relaxed and efficient.

He is a very capable and effecient business owner and also he is very considerate and treat China inetrpreter very nicely, I enjoy the time that we spent together. Now we become long term partner, every time he come to china, I would work as his assistant, not only clear the language barries for him but also doing all other things I could to solve problems that he faced with.

Doing international business with China seller or buyers is never a easy job, there are always some unexpected problems happen. With an affordable expenses, you could find a very helpful and effecient interpreter and business assistant to solve the small problems for you. you only have to focus your energy and time on the most important thing and seize big business opportunity. How does it sounds to you ?  If you have business in Shenzhen,guangzhou, dongguan or any other nearby cities, why not consider hire your personal inetrpreter & assistant to clear the obstacles in front of your businees and enjoy easy cooperation with your china parterner.

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