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Shenzhen Freelance Translator Jason Yang Served as Interpreter with Client "RCD"

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                    Shenzhen Freelance interpreter,translator worked as interpreter for US client RCD

On the date of May-08-2013. Jason Yang worked as business assiting English chinese interpreter in shenzhen, china for a client ("lets call it "RCD")from united states of america. He wants to export the used luxurious cars like Bens, BMW, Audi etc to china market.

So he booked my service online, and we set the time and place to meet face to face, of course I also done a lot of research before his arrival.Yet what I found not so optimistic is that China Government has strict restrict to the importation of second hand used cars, such as import license, quota, heavy customs duty  which makes the cost extremly high,and also very strict limitation of environment standard,making it too hard to get a license plate.

So I suggest we could go to the used car market to verify the above information I got from internet. We meet in his hotel and went together to the local market of used cars. What we heard proves it is almost impossible to export used cars to China as they have no interest to buy this kind of car at all. After visit to  3 markest, we give up the idea of working on this business.

It is a little bit disappointed, but a good memory of us konwing each other and spending one day together. Yet we have successfully prevent from wasting too much time on it. He said it is I broken his fortune dream of this business, but definitely we could work together on other business projects or work as shenzhen inetrpreter for him once he back to China.


Jason Yang (freelance interpretre shenzhen, guangzhou, dongguan )