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Maria Yang’s two days’ interpreter experience with Irish client Mr. Wilde in Shenzhen

MariaYang’s two days’ interpreter experience with Irish client Mr. Wilde in Shenzhen, China

A few days ago, I worked as anEnglish-Chinese interpreter for an Irish friend in Shenzhen China.

Mr. Wilde left us a deep impression byhis concise style of writing and the accuracy of information. In the mail, hetold us the exact date of his business trip to China, and the supplier whom heplans to visit during the trip.

In order to make the interpreter service well-prepared,we seek lot information about the supplier on the net according to his e-mail.And we found he did the business on e-cigarette.

At the morning of our appointment I metMr. Wilde at the lobby of the hotel, an approachable and gentle man. Before ourvisit to the factory, he explained to me that because there were some qualityproblems of e-cigarette which he had bought from a long-term Chinese supplier(SMACO), Mr. Wilde wants to discuss the solution to those problems with thesupplier face to face this time.

First morning, we were picked up to thefactory, the owner- Mr. Alan was there waiting for us. Then, Mr. Wilde toldAlan the feedback on quality problems from his customers. And out of theconsideration of making sure that the supplier will take a serious attitude to figureout the solution of those problems, Mr. Wilde decided to drop on to the factorythe next morning.

  And on our second visit, we got satisfied reply and some suggestionsfrom Alan and his colleagues.