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Shenzhen Freelance Interpreter Maria Yang's One Week Interpretation for Australian Client Jamie

Maria Yang's One Week Interpretation Experiencewith Australian Client Jamie

Last time, I wasintroduced to one Translation Company in Shenzhen by a friend by a chance. Andthe meeting with Jamie was under the arrangement of the company.

As what we havediscussed before, we met each other at Shangri-la Hotel near Luohu Custom.Jamie was a little anxious when I arrived at the hotel. And after thecommunication with him, I understood that he lost the touch with his clients.

Then, he toldhis plan for the meeting with the client, and I tried to contact with hisclient again and again.

Unfortunately,though the client answered the phone, she couldn’t meet us because of the delaycaused by bank and the meeting she is going to attend in the afternoon. But shepromised to rearrange the meeting for us.

After themeeting with Jamie at the hotel, I am also very honored to help him communicatewith some other clients in the next few days.

I appreciate hishigh-efficiency work style very much, and I am look forward to work with himagain.