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Freelance Interpreter Maria Yang provided 4 days' interpretation service for Indian Client Nikhil &

FreelanceInterpreter Maria Yang provided 4 days' interpretation service for IndianClient Nikhil & Yogesh in Shenzhen

It is the second time for Maria Yang,Shenzhen/Guangzhou freelance interpreter, to cooperate with Indian client.

Nikhil and Yogesh are good friends from New Delhi, who are bothborn in 1980s. And they operate a technology company in their country. Thistime they came to Chinaaimed at searching some good suppliers of their interested products.

Because they booked my interpretationservice in advance, thus I have properly arranged their 4 days’ China trip inShenzhen during 26th~29th, August.

In the first day, I picked them up atShenzhen Luohu checkpoint, and then accompanied them to the hotel. After theyhave checked in the hotel, we had a fast lunch. Then considered that they aredoing business on electronic items, and the biggest electronic markets in Asia locate in Shenzhen. I suggested them to have a visitto the Huangqiang North Electronic Markets.

And on the second day, we attended anexhibition which was the 19th Presentation Nepcon MicroelectronicsSouth China 2013.

Then on the third day, we came back toHuangqiang North Electronic markets, visiting a lot of suppliers of Tablet Pc,and other products.

And the last day of their China trip wasarranged to visit factories. During that day, we have gone to two laptopbattery factories, one LED screen factory, and one hard drive factory.

At this place, we really want to expressour sincere thanks for these suppliers.

Since this cooperation, I and my Indianclient Nikhil and Yogesh have become friends. We usually chat on Skype andWechat. And Nikhil even plans to come and settle down in China in the near future.

And they told me, they will definitely hireme if they come to Chinaagain and need a freelance interpreter in Shenzhen.

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29th-August, 2013