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Freelance Shenzhen Interpreter Maria Yang's Presentation Interpretation service for Client Joseph

Freelance Shenzhen Interpreter Maria Yang providedPresentation Interpretation service for American Client Joseph James

On 28th,August, Shenzhen freelance interpreter Jason received an inquiry from Americanclient Joseph James. But because he is engaged by his regular Australian clientAndrew, thus he recommended me to take the mission.

And at the beginning,Joseph clearly expressed that he only wanted male interpreter. Then, after somedeeper understanding, we found that the reason why he just wanted maleinterpreter was because his Philippine friends told him that female will not berespected in business field as male.

Then, I tried toexplain to him that in the present society of China, female are almost equal asmale, especially for those well-educated females. And under our clear explanation,he agreed to have a try to cooperate with female interpreter finally.

As what we haveplanned, I attended their video interview on Skype on 31st, August.And then, I successfully won the offer, and was told that Joseph James wouldcome to Chinato attend and deliver a presentation on the 3rd China International OnlineTrading Expo on 13th, Spt., Shenzhen.

Because they arevery famous of their trading education in California,U.S.,he was invited to make a presentation on crude oil and gold futures daytrading.

To be honest, Ihave done interpretation of immigration investment before, but for financialproducts like futures, I have no idea at all. Then, in order to get myselffully-prepared for the presentation interpretation, I started to learn the knowledgefutures, K-lines, and so on. And there was no denying that this was the mostchallenging work I have ever taken.

Then on 11th,Spt., before Joseph and his wife took flight, I got his PPT slides which helpeda lot to quickly figure out the direction and depth of his presentation. And inorder to guarantee the quality of interpretation tomorrow, I met with Mr &Mrs James on 12th, Spt., to go through every page of the presentation one byone.

And on 13th,Spt., both of us did a very good job.

Then, after thatpresentation, James and Megan were planning to open a platform in China to helpChinese day-traders to get professional education. And they said that they willdefinitely hire me again.

Shenzhen FreelanceInterpreter Maria

13th,Spt., 2013