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Freelance Shenzhen Interpreter Maria Yang's Meeting Interpretation for American Client Joseph& Sheri

Freelance Shenzhen Interpreter Maria Yang providedMeeting Interpretation service for American Client Joseph & Sheri

It was about on 13th,Spt., that Wen called me and provided me the cooperation opportunity to do themeeting interpretation for American client Joseph & Sheri.

Joseph and Sheriare the real estate developer of the International Germ Towerlocates at Diamond District, 47th  Street, Newyork, U.S.

And this time theycome to China to introducetheir International Germ Towerto the germ businessman in China.

We were told to goto a restaurant to meet Mr Wang, the owner of Jinmengyuan Germ, on 15th,Spt.

Actually, themeeting was held during the dinner, Mr Wang specifically arrange a Cantonesestyle dinner for us. During the dinner, Joseph and Sheri introduced the IGT toMr Wang and his colleague by flyer and videos.

The Americanclients like the dinner very much, and we have a very good time at the dinner.

After that, MrWang also told Joseph and Sheri that he was planning to go to NY and have areal look at the International Germ Towerwhen he reached there on the beginning of Oct.

At last, I hopethat Mr Wang can find suitable suits of places in the International Germ Tower, and successfullylaunch his business into American market.

Shenzhen FreelanceInterpreter Maria Yang

15th,Spt., 2013.